Beer, Chicken Videogames: The Rise and Fall of the 2011 Boston Red Sox

John Lackey

From my brother, Josh Samataro: “On September 28, 2011, the Boston Red Sox finished off one of the greatest regular season collapses in Major League Baseball history. The ensuing fallout pointed to numerous extracurricular activities that led to the club being ill-prepared to finish the season. With the help of Joel Samataro & Dan Shea, … Continue reading

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Frank McCourt is a Real Jerk


Not only has Frank McCourt ruined one of the most storied franchises in MLB: he did through poor math.  As this ESPN Los Angeles article shows, McCourt stole $189.16 from the team, but brilliant conjured $73 million from that from parking lot revenue and somehow found another $55 million for personal distributions.  But, all’s well … Continue reading

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Facebook Timeline and how to get it!


      Facebook Timeline is just brilliant. To me, it marks a turn back to a truly consumer focused product for Facebook. They’ve taken a big risk with Timeline and their entire new offering for that matter. It’s simply gorgeous though and while some of the integration may be annoying (sharing EVERY song you … Continue reading

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Is THIS the iPhone 4S… Most Likely


We’ve all probably seen this photo before, but mounting evidence is suggesting that it is in fact the real deal. There are supposedly 2 new iPhones launching on the rumored October 4th date. We’ll likely see 2 phones be announced on that date. One will be the long rumored iPhone 5 which should feature the … Continue reading

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FOX Is Battling 13th Century Pirates, Not 21st Century Ones

FBC Logo.

FOX made another backwards move to try and battle piracy.  Despite the fact that FOX is a broadcast network, which in its most simplistic definition means that they broadcast shows for free and sell advertising based on how many people watch those shows, they decided to put their shows on Hulu 7 days after it … Continue reading

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“Modern” Superman Means “Spider-Man”


Warner Bros. officially released Superman’s plot details, and they align with what Vulture reported last October.  Before we get to that, first we must point out that writer David Goyer claims that Christopher Nolan figured out how to adapt Superman to the modern times.  That “modern” story is Clark Kent “trying to decide if he … Continue reading

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Full Circle: Conan O’Brien and The Cancellation of Lopez Tonight

Screen shot 2011-08-10 at 4.53.19 PM

On a rainy afternoon in the spring of 2010, the staff and supporters of Conan O’Brien held a rally outside of the Universal Studios lot in North Hollywood.  They were out in support of a 17 year television veteran with no place on TV anymore.   The Tonight Show had been cancelled and the last … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 7-11-11: Horrible Bosses Is On To Something


Usually when Hollywood pairs an up-and-coming talent with an older star, it’s to extend a franchise (a la Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).  However with Horrible Bosses, it’s a plot device that works perfectly in favor for those young talents talents. Granted, Jason Bateman isn’t … Continue reading

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Review: Google Music


Long ago, before the clouds began forming above the computing landscape, and the music industry was all a twitter with talk of joining said clouds, there was a legend that circulated through the interwebs and past my open ears. That legend was of the coming of Google music.For what feels like years, but in reality … Continue reading

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Extry, Extry, Read All About It! Jobs Addresses the Masses!

From Engadget's Liveblog

So some of you may have heard that there were a few big announcements from Apple on Monday (June 6) at their Worldwide Developers Conference. The rumors are at least partly true, in that announcements were made, several of which some people may care about. Now before you look at the length of this post … Continue reading

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