Google: Living Your Life For You

The unstoppable march of progress continues forward. Google is simplifying your life for you one aspect at a time, this time in your pants. Or pocketbook. Or wherever it is you keep your wallet. Google just unveiled its latest project: Google wallet. Already available in several other countries, paying by phone is a seemingly convenient … Continue reading

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320 People Believe in America!


…and out of that 320 views, 120 people will vote for him! [Video]

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Arnold The Cartoon?!


It was all planned.  Amidst the barrage of remakes, sequels or TV adaptions of His movies, we had faith.  We were rewarded with His first onscreen appearance since 2004.  It was a cameo in a movie stacked with action stars, but His quick scene was the moment people talked about.  When His governorship ended, and … Continue reading

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Help the ‘other’ victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan


The dog in the image above remained by his injured friend in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. It’s a touching display of the ultimate loyalty. If you’re in the financial position (and you can find it in your heart) please donate to help rescue animals like these and many, … Continue reading

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Good thoughts for Japan


Just look at the aftermath of the 9.0 earthquake and devastating tsunami that followed. Keep them in your thoughts and donate if you can. You can donate to the Red Cross Japan relief effort HERE

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