Beer, Chicken Videogames: The Rise and Fall of the 2011 Boston Red Sox

John Lackey

From my brother, Josh Samataro: “On September 28, 2011, the Boston Red Sox finished off one of the greatest regular season collapses in Major League Baseball history. The ensuing fallout pointed to numerous extracurricular activities that led to the club being ill-prepared to finish the season. With the help of Joel Samataro & Dan Shea, … Continue reading

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Frank McCourt is a Real Jerk


Not only has Frank McCourt ruined one of the most storied franchises in MLB: he did through poor math.  As this ESPN Los Angeles article shows, McCourt stole $189.16 from the team, but brilliant conjured $73 million from that from parking lot revenue and somehow found another $55 million for personal distributions.  But, all’s well … Continue reading

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Simpsons Did It


Austrian automaker Marchi Mobile announced their new line of luxury RVs valued at $3 million.  Unfortunately for MM, their Elemment Palazzo will now be known as the “Family Guy” of RVs. Exhibit A:

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I’ll Call Today. You’ll Call Now. I’ll Call Now.

Picture 2

After taking in the Red Sox game at Fenway Park this weekend, sitting in the scalding heat, in the narrow rows of tiny chairs, and in the humidity so thick you can cut it with a soft pillow, I realized that it was officially summer.  Actually, scratch that.  That’s not what signified the season, this … Continue reading

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Is Bono A Tool: The Definitive Discussion


Ok, fine. I’ll say it. Bono comes across as…kind of a tool. No, I’m not just saying that because South Park devoted an entire episode to making it canon that in their universe, Bono is literally a giant piece of crap. I’m saying it because…actually, that’s sort of the thing. I have no idea why … Continue reading

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Sam “E.T.” Cassell

No need for an article. This picture actually speaks 1,000 words. (I’ll take my Pulitzer now).

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Gaga Fears The Weird

Why Does Gaga Fear Weird Al?

Weird Al making fun of one of your songs should be a huge compliment. From Madonna to Michael Jackson, from Coolio to…ok the Coolio one was REALLY funny so I’m just going to mention that one a second time – Al makes fun of the untouchable. That’s what he does. He goes after made men … Continue reading

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The Fever Is Coming

The Fiever

We all know the world is a mess.  It has been for some time now.  The political situation in the middle east is a nightmare.  China is on the rise, and America is insecure about its own place in the world, no longer being the global hegemonic force it once was.  There are natural disasters … Continue reading

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The Miami Heat have the WORST fans in the NBA


They might be good… Hell, they might be on the verge of being a great team at this point (we’ll see). The point here has nothing to do with the ‘team’ itself, so anyone who comes talking about how LeBron is amazing or DWade is one of the best players in the league type of … Continue reading

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes – What’s The Point?


FOX decided to make a prequel to the Planet of the Apes, because Tim Burton’s remake was considered a disappointment.  The studio owned the property and had to do something with it.  So, they made a prequel. Prequels are sometimes a hard sell, because the origin story can be tragic, like Star Wars or the … Continue reading

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