Ladies and Gentlemen meet Metta World Peace.


Perhaps he is an all new man. Even since Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace, he’s looked pretty solid. His last two games have been great efforts. Maybe Mike Brown has the right idea making him the leader of the bench (aka 6th Man). One this is for sure, this dunk from … Continue reading

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Beer, Chicken Videogames: The Rise and Fall of the 2011 Boston Red Sox

John Lackey

From my brother, Josh Samataro: “On September 28, 2011, the Boston Red Sox finished off one of the greatest regular season collapses in Major League Baseball history. The ensuing fallout pointed to numerous extracurricular activities that led to the club being ill-prepared to finish the season. With the help of Joel Samataro & Dan Shea, … Continue reading

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Frank McCourt is a Real Jerk


Not only has Frank McCourt ruined one of the most storied franchises in MLB: he did through poor math.  As this ESPN Los Angeles article shows, McCourt stole $189.16 from the team, but brilliant conjured $73 million from that from parking lot revenue and somehow found another $55 million for personal distributions.  But, all’s well … Continue reading

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Stevie Williams and His Delusions of Grandeur: The Glorification of a Scorned Caddy

You don’t like Tiger Woods. I get it. He’s arrogant, often condescending to the media, not to mention cheated on his wife habitually and seemingly without remorse. When Woods fired long-time caddy Stevie Williams, there was an outpouring of vitriol against Tiger, including from Williams himself who insisted Tiger had lost his respect. Where was … Continue reading

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Ron Artest Changes His Name to World Peace


You may have thought that the title of this post was supposed to have some sort of alternate meaning. Perhaps Ron Artest had done something overly peaceful. Maybe it was ironic and he had done something decidedly violent. The fact is, it’s pretty much as literal as you’re going to get. Ron Artest has decided … Continue reading

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Losing Finals Could Finally Change LeBron

LeBron James attempts to drive around Jason Kidd

Losing the 2011 NBA Finals may end up being the best thing for LeBron James. Now, before you jump off the plane, give me a chance to land it. James has been called “King,” but he’s also been called “petulant,” “immature,” “self-absorbed,” and any other pejorative term Skip Bayless or Adrian Wojnarowski feel like hurling … Continue reading

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Mike Brown is the 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach


The Los Angeles Lakers have a surprising brand spankin’ new head coach. While everyone and their mom knew about the whole ‘brand new coach’ thing, the ‘surprise’ part wasn’t as obvious. Their ultimate decision: Mike Brown. The former 2008-2009 NBA Coach of the Year. The Former Coach of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A … Continue reading

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The MLB 1/5th Awards!!!

It’s May 11th and we all know what that means…The baseball season is 1/5th over.  April and early May produce interesting stories.   Old stars start hot, reminding us of their storied primes, second year players show sings of regression, and career nobodies hit .350.  This year is no different. So without further adieu, the 2011 … Continue reading

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Worst No Hitter Ever?


Francisco Liriano has done it.  He has pitched a no hitter and entered the baseball history books.  But was last night’s accomplishment historically great? Was it even the best pitching performance of the year?  The answer to both questions is no. Liriano managed to strike out only 2 batters in his no-no.  He walked 6.  … Continue reading

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The 9 MOST HATED Athletes


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who get’s hated on most of all? Get ready, because this is OUR look at the most hated athletes around. Just so we’re clear, ‘hate’ isn’t a word being thrown around loosely here. In fact, some of these guys are SO hated that their un-popularity is rivaled by the likes … Continue reading

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