Great Expectations: What Happened To Weezer

Weezer has recently begun playing a cover of Radiohead’s classic track off of OK Computer, “Paranoid Android,” at live performances.  Below is a clip of Weezer performing the new cover in the studio. In case you didn’t have time to watch the video, I’ll just tell you about it. How did Weezer do covering Radiohead’s … Continue reading

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Say it ain’t so Freddy!! Wilpon and the doomed NY Mets

This week in the New Yorker, renowned journalist Jeffery Toobin profiled Mets owner Fred Wilpon and the collapsing New York Met franchise.  What has come out of that feature, proves that the Mets are one of the most poorly run organizations in the history of sports.  Bad front office hiring, poor financial dealings, terrible free … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves: Vol. NO TURN SIGNAL


Have you ever been driving down a road and the driver in front of you just decides it’s suddenly time to turn? Or maybe you’re on the highway and some guy decides that it’s just a fantastic opportunity for him to shift over 6 lanes. Well, this is for all the people who HATE the … Continue reading

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609 Days Ago

I have a thing for redheads. So much so that I did an entire stand-up act devoted to my love for the ginger species and now I’m letting you into what once was a twisted, convoluted 21 year old brain to see just how crazy the adoration once was… Prepare yourselves. Writer’s Note: This blast … Continue reading

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One of the greatest basketball shoes ever…


is back for a third round of fun.. the Adidas Crazy 8’s (originally the Adidas KB8’s) are one of my favorite shoes of all time. They are iconic, light, and feature one of the great footwear technologies of all time (feet you wear). Plus, they came with that badass smiling foot keychain.

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Favorite Banksy Work


This one one of my favorite pieces by Banksy. It’s so badass.

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Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale

The Fighter-on-Merrimack

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WTF. I HATE people like this

Don’t behave like an asshole.. wtf gives anyone the right to do something like this? Those stupid prankster wanna be giggling nerds deserve to be beaten. THEN the topper.. At first I feel bad for the guy. He grabs his handle, gets upset and then he WIPES HIS HAND ON ANOTHER CAR’S ROOF.. WTF, who … Continue reading

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VHS Is The New Vinyl

vhs tape

Crystal Castles released their new music video for their song “Not in Love” and it directly follows the indie rock music video tropes.  Although admittedly entertaining, indie music videos are simply becoming montages of old VHS footage or footage made to look like VHS.  The Books have been doing this for years for their live … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm too old for Superman, but by which standards?


Jon Hamm recently told MTV that he believes he has been aged out of the title role in Zack Snyder’s new Superman film.  Vulture wrote a usually well-deserved article criticizing Hollywood for eschewing older actors for younger ones.  However, they may be wrong in this case. On December 22, /Film published some excerpts from a … Continue reading

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