Box Office Barometer 4-18-11: Two New Wannabes


Rio What it wants to be: Ice Age 3 What it is: Gnomeo and Juliet Blue Sky Studios’ last film Ice Age 3 made a shitload of money to the tune of $886 million worldwide.  Since their last movie was such a global hit, Blue Sky decided to make an “international” film (international meaning ‘not … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves: Vol. NO TURN SIGNAL


Have you ever been driving down a road and the driver in front of you just decides it’s suddenly time to turn? Or maybe you’re on the highway and some guy decides that it’s just a fantastic opportunity for him to shift over 6 lanes. Well, this is for all the people who HATE the … Continue reading

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Pic of the day 1/11/2011: Star of NAIAS (Hyundai Volster)!!


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The NEW Automotive BIG THREE

There’s a NEW big three in town. No, I’m not referring to LeBron, D’Wade and Chris Bosh. I’m referring to the automotive world. Through most of our lives, there has been a ‘big 3’ of auto manufacturers, Chrysler, Ford and GM are the American Big Three. Typically though, Toyota, Ford, GM and Honda lead automotive … Continue reading

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Nascar Fans Stop, It’s Not a Sport

Nascar has driven its way into the heart of millions of fans and even made it onto ESPN, but is it a sport? Contested’s Peter Bukowski says “Pump the breaks”

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