“Modern” Superman Means “Spider-Man”


Warner Bros. officially released Superman’s plot details, and they align with what Vulture reported last October.  Before we get to that, first we must point out that writer David Goyer claims that Christopher Nolan figured out how to adapt Superman to the modern times.  That “modern” story is Clark Kent “trying to decide if he … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 3-28-11


It’s fitting that on the same weekend that Butler and VCU upset two NCAA juggernauts, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules (FOX) upset the financial juggernaut Sucker Punch ($24 million to $20 million). Warner Bros. decided to focus on the movie’s visual aspect, printing “A mind-bending vision of reality from the director of … Continue reading

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What Each Best Picture Nominee Will Say About The Academy


Before we watch the Oscars tonight, let’s take a look at each Best Picture Nominee and determine what statement each movie will make if it wins. INCEPTION We’re sorry, Christopher Nolan. We screwed you by not nominating The Dark Knight for Best Screenplay or Best Picture, and then we didn’t nominate you for Best Editing … Continue reading

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Inception Review

I’m concerned. What concerns me is that you will look at early reviews for Inception and think to yourself “there’s no way it’s that good.” You skim through the reviews, with that smug sense that you know something no one else knows. You know that Inception only got the reviews it did because hollywood has … Continue reading

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