Every Arnold Scream in every Arnold Movie… ever


I came across this video on YouTube today, and it.is.brilliant. It’s a montage of every Arnold Yell in every Arnold movie… ever. Sounds really impressive, right? Well, it is. If you love Arnold, or love to make fun of Arnold, then this video is for you. It’s universal. Enjoy.

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Box Office Barometer 8-22-11: Finishing As Expected


Much like sports leagues and divisions, the weekend’s movies can be predicted based on name, pedigree, and history.  This is one of those weekends. For this week’s analogy, we chose the AL East. 1. Yankees (The Help) 2.Red Sox (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) These two teams/movies have been 1-2 in some order.  … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 8-15-11: Are Any Good Movies Coming Out?


Rise of the Planet of the Apes won the weekend with $27 million.  This weak showing has officially ended the era of good feelings of summer blockbuster fun.  We are now in the zone where movies like Final Destination 5 are dumped to extract any cash they can.  Instead of mourning the loss, let’s look … Continue reading

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