Doing Social Media 9-5 is WRONG…


If you’re a twitter user, you may follow some brands. Having a brand on twitter is absolutely fantastic, there’s an ever growing list of benefits for a brand utilizing social. In fact, it’s so prevalent these days that brands may make social their MAIN marketing focus in the near future. Powerful stuff. When a brand … Continue reading

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Facebook Timeline and how to get it!


      Facebook Timeline is just brilliant. To me, it marks a turn back to a truly consumer focused product for Facebook. They’ve taken a big risk with Timeline and their entire new offering for that matter. It’s simply gorgeous though and while some of the integration may be annoying (sharing EVERY song you … Continue reading

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Music Industry Finds a New Success Metric


Eminem is the most ‘Liked’ artist on Facebook… period. There was once a time when success in the music industry was represented by record sales and who had the most chart topping hits. Today, we live in a very different age. How different of an age? Well, if Facebook ‘Likes’ are any indication, we have a … Continue reading

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