“Modern” Superman Means “Spider-Man”


Warner Bros. officially released Superman’s plot details, and they align with what Vulture reported last October.  Before we get to that, first we must point out that writer David Goyer claims that Christopher Nolan figured out how to adapt Superman to the modern times.  That “modern” story is Clark Kent “trying to decide if he … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 8-1-11: Somebody Got Left Behind

Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens won the weekend (or tied for #1!), just barely beating out The Smurfs.  It made much less than the $45 million weekend that was predicted ($36.2 million, to be exact).  Why did it underperform? Was it the leads?  The concept? The quality?  The answer became apparent while watching the previews before it … Continue reading

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