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Have you heard of turntable.fmyet?  It’s a really cool concept — you make a little avatar and hang out in a digital room listening to real music with your real friends (who also have cool little avatars.)  You can take your turn spinning some tunes (deciding what song comes on next) or just hang out … Continue reading

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Summer of Boss Ladies: The Top 10 Female Artists Ruling the Charts

Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry

Editor’s note: IXiiV Records (9 to 5 Records) is a music consulting firm for independent recording artists. Run by two smart and savvy women, the Boss Ladies, IXiiV provides artists with the knowledge and resources they need to reach their professional goals. The Boss Ladies can help artists in the areas of marketing, branding, and … Continue reading

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Gaga Fears The Weird

Why Does Gaga Fear Weird Al?

Weird Al making fun of one of your songs should be a huge compliment. From Madonna to Michael Jackson, from Coolio to…ok the Coolio one was REALLY funny so I’m just going to mention that one a second time – Al makes fun of the untouchable. That’s what he does. He goes after made men … Continue reading

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Music Industry Finds a New Success Metric


Eminem is the most ‘Liked’ artist on Facebook… period. There was once a time when success in the music industry was represented by record sales and who had the most chart topping hits. Today, we live in a very different age. How different of an age? Well, if Facebook ‘Likes’ are any indication, we have a … Continue reading

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