Box Office Barometer 11-14-11: Debating Immortals’ Mediocre Status

"Immortals" 2010

Another weekend, another depressed box office. As the movie industry looked for hope from two cross-dressing lead roles (J. Edgar and Jack and Jill) and the self-proclaimed “non-300 rip-off” rip-off Immortals. With Adam Sandler coming in second with what will surely be another $100 million movie featuring his “brave” performance, Immortals used some fighting pun … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 11-7-11: Looking For A New Hope


Things aren’t looking too good for the movie industry.  The box office is in its fourth month of modest returns, and two surefire newcomers are now more uncertainwater disappointments.  Universal brought in the Rush Hour director to make a Rush Hour (bi-racial buddy) recession movie.  The ironic outcome of its underperformance is that either people … Continue reading

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Inception Review

I’m concerned. What concerns me is that you will look at early reviews for Inception and think to yourself “there’s no way it’s that good.” You skim through the reviews, with that smug sense that you know something no one else knows. You know that Inception only got the reviews it did because hollywood has … Continue reading

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