Frank McCourt is a Real Jerk


Not only has Frank McCourt ruined one of the most storied franchises in MLB: he did through poor math.  As this ESPN Los Angeles article shows, McCourt stole $189.16 from the team, but brilliant conjured $73 million from that from parking lot revenue and somehow found another $55 million for personal distributions.  But, all’s well … Continue reading

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Say it ain’t so Freddy!! Wilpon and the doomed NY Mets

This week in the New Yorker, renowned journalist Jeffery Toobin profiled Mets owner Fred Wilpon and the collapsing New York Met franchise.  What has come out of that feature, proves that the Mets are one of the most poorly run organizations in the history of sports.  Bad front office hiring, poor financial dealings, terrible free … Continue reading

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The MLB 1/5th Awards!!!

It’s May 11th and we all know what that means…The baseball season is 1/5th over.  April and early May produce interesting stories.   Old stars start hot, reminding us of their storied primes, second year players show sings of regression, and career nobodies hit .350.  This year is no different. So without further adieu, the 2011 … Continue reading

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Worst No Hitter Ever?


Francisco Liriano has done it.  He has pitched a no hitter and entered the baseball history books.  But was last night’s accomplishment historically great? Was it even the best pitching performance of the year?  The answer to both questions is no. Liriano managed to strike out only 2 batters in his no-no.  He walked 6.  … Continue reading

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The 9 MOST HATED Athletes


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who get’s hated on most of all? Get ready, because this is OUR look at the most hated athletes around. Just so we’re clear, ‘hate’ isn’t a word being thrown around loosely here. In fact, some of these guys are SO hated that their un-popularity is rivaled by the likes … Continue reading

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