Requiem for Community


NBC has all but canceled Community this week, sending the internet abuzz.  It is a quality show with a rabid, but small fan base.  As a network that was defined by quality in the 80s and 90s, current president of programming Bob Greenblatt claims the he is trying to restore NBC back to its glory … Continue reading

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FOX Is Battling 13th Century Pirates, Not 21st Century Ones

FBC Logo.

FOX made another backwards move to try and battle piracy.  Despite the fact that FOX is a broadcast network, which in its most simplistic definition means that they broadcast shows for free and sell advertising based on how many people watch those shows, they decided to put their shows on Hulu 7 days after it … Continue reading

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Reevaluating Conan’s Move To TBS


This past weekend, Conan “secretly” went to Comic Con to unveil his new endeavor, The Flaming C.  It was an idea that was generated for his show Conan that is being spun-off into an animated movie, something that was not done during his tenure at NBC.  While evaluating new opportunities and projects, it is now … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Looks Good and Bad


Last week, NBC released an official picture of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, and she looks great! (That’s more of a credit to Palicki than NBC.)  But, past her beauty, there’s not much reason to watch the show. David E. Kelly is spearheading this project, which was picked up at the last minute after it … Continue reading

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Living in the Shadow


If movies are the cool older brother who waited in line for the first Strokes album, then TV is the younger brother who bought Scott Stapp’s at Wal*Mart.  In other words, movies find what is popular and beat it down, while TV tries to catch up a few years later.  Since the superhero genre didn’t … Continue reading

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NBC to Kill a Dying Horse

NBC is developing The Voice of America, a Mark Burnett production that is similar to American Idol, except the judges turn away during the performance.  Great job.  They are putting a superficial twist on a dying formula.  Idol’s ratings have been on the decline the last few years, and FOX and Cowell are producing X … Continue reading

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SNL’s Grand Larceny

So, whether intentional or unintentional, SNL ripped off Tim and Eric.  Yeah, some SNL regulars are regular collaborators with Tim and Eric.  Yeah, the skits are different enough, but also similar enough.  Whatever.  Stuff like this happens all the time. What’s more important is what this signifies: SNL is outdated.  It’s not outdated in a … Continue reading

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Does NBC owe J.J. Abrams a residual check?

NBC’s The Event premieres tonight, with the network’s hope that it can fill the void left by Lost and 24.  Realistically, it’s like the NBA losing Bird and Magic and trying to promote someone other than Jordan to take it over. The impression that I’ve received from the billboards, TV spots, and reviews is nothing … Continue reading

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