The 9 MOST HATED Athletes


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who get’s hated on most of all? Get ready, because this is OUR look at the most hated athletes around. Just so we’re clear, ‘hate’ isn’t a word being thrown around loosely here. In fact, some of these guys are SO hated that their un-popularity is rivaled by the likes … Continue reading

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You Dress To Win The Game

Picture 3

We are so happy that Herm Edwards decided to wear capris today so we can see the swank 70s wallpaper that is Edwards’s socks.

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Contradicting Football Clichés!

Football season is approaching, and that means more nonsensical athletic chatter! Maurice Jones-Drew believes people don’t take the Jacksonville Jaguars seriously: “Message received: Everybody thinks we’re a joke,” he said. “It just keeps us going through this hot camp, keep working hard. That’s our motivation. We try to joke about it, but sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading

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