Box Office Barometer 12-12-11: Calculating Actors’ Values


Movies like New Years Eve get made, because studios think “star = money, therefore more stars = more money.”  Thus, we get this concoction of 18 “stars” in a two hour movie.  Even just by looking at the movie poster, you can’t ascertain anything except “actors,” “New Years Eve,” and “smiles.”  Since the movie only … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 4-18-11: Two New Wannabes


Rio What it wants to be: Ice Age 3 What it is: Gnomeo and Juliet Blue Sky Studios’ last film Ice Age 3 made a shitload of money to the tune of $886 million worldwide.  Since their last movie was such a global hit, Blue Sky decided to make an “international” film (international meaning ‘not … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 3-21-2011

Limitless Movie

Boring weekend at the box office.  The #1 movie only made $19 million. So, let’s just look at the complexion of the Top 10. High-concept (Limitless) Animated (Rango) Alien Invasion (Battle: LA) Star-driven (The Lincoln Lawyer) Sci-fi Comedy (Paul) Revisionist Tale (Red Riding Hood) High-concept (The Adjustment Bureau) Animated (Mars Needs Moms) Revisionist Tale (Beastly) … Continue reading

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