Ron Artest Changes His Name to World Peace


You may have thought that the title of this post was supposed to have some sort of alternate meaning. Perhaps Ron Artest had done something overly peaceful. Maybe it was ironic and he had done something decidedly violent. The fact is, it’s pretty much as literal as you’re going to get. Ron Artest has decided … Continue reading

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The 9 MOST HATED Athletes


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who get’s hated on most of all? Get ready, because this is OUR look at the most hated athletes around. Just so we’re clear, ‘hate’ isn’t a word being thrown around loosely here. In fact, some of these guys are SO hated that their un-popularity is rivaled by the likes … Continue reading

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Derrick Rose is not Michael Jordan, he’s….


First I’ll inundate you with numbers.  Then I’ll elaborate on them. Here are a bunch of stat lines.  The first is Derrick Rose this year at age 22.  The rest are another player’s numbers at 21, 22, and each season from 26-32 (HIS PRIME!). ROSE : ppg: 25.0  ast: 7.7  rb: 4.1  fg%: .445  3p% … Continue reading

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The Miami Heat have the WORST fans in the NBA


They might be good… Hell, they might be on the verge of being a great team at this point (we’ll see). The point here has nothing to do with the ‘team’ itself, so anyone who comes talking about how LeBron is amazing or DWade is one of the best players in the league type of … Continue reading

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Nascar Fans Stop, It’s Not a Sport

Nascar has driven its way into the heart of millions of fans and even made it onto ESPN, but is it a sport? Contested’s Peter Bukowski says “Pump the breaks”

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