Facebook Timeline and how to get it!


      Facebook Timeline is just brilliant. To me, it marks a turn back to a truly consumer focused product for Facebook. They’ve taken a big risk with Timeline and their entire new offering for that matter. It’s simply gorgeous though and while some of the integration may be annoying (sharing EVERY song you … Continue reading

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All In: Turntable.fm

Have you heard of turntable.fmyet?  It’s a really cool concept — you make a little avatar and hang out in a digital room listening to real music with your real friends (who also have cool little avatars.)  You can take your turn spinning some tunes (deciding what song comes on next) or just hang out … Continue reading

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What is Spotify?


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already heard about Spotify. Maybe you even have an idea of what it is, but you still don’t REALLY get it. Why should you use Spotify over other services? What does it even do exactly? Well, I suggest you watch this sweet little animation they put together to … Continue reading

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