Box Office Barometer 11-7-11: Looking For A New Hope


Things aren’t looking too good for the movie industry.  The box office is in its fourth month of modest returns, and two surefire newcomers are now more uncertainwater disappointments.  Universal brought in the Rush Hour director to make a Rush Hour (bi-racial buddy) recession movie.  The ironic outcome of its underperformance is that either people … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 5-2-11: Why Fast Five is Good for the Movie Industry


Fast Five is dominating the world right now, and rightfully so.  While most movies are showing us why they shouldn’t be retold, Fast Five is showing us how to continue a franchise. 1. Live-action action – Warner Bros is working overtime to make sure their CGI on Green Lantern will be completed by release.  Paramount is awaiting … Continue reading

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Box Office Barometer 1-17-11


Every Monday, Contested looks at the weekend’s box office to determine whether moviegoers are watching the better movies (Intelligent), succumbing to the studios’ deceptive marketing (Brainwashed), or thoroughly enjoying garbage programming (Armond White). It looks like the movie-going public is sane.  Audiences were not swayed by the increasingly-gimmicky 3D cash grab that is The Green … Continue reading

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Pac-Man…the TV Show?


Pac-Man is to be adapted into a reality TV show.  “How,” you might ask?  Why, it’s going to be a Wipeout-style show, but with Pac Man.  “Oh,” you might say.  “So it’s like Winter Wipeout, but you’re calling it Pac-Man?” “Yes” should be the answer, but Merv Griffin Studios will spew out something like, “The … Continue reading

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The Blog Post


It’s unclear whether Universal has given up on The Dilemma, or if they don’t know how to market it correctly.  Firstly, it’s called The Dilemma.  They might as well call it The Plot or The Inciting Incident.  No shit there is a dilemma.  There needs to be a problem and tension.  That’s what makes it … Continue reading

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Sony’s Garbage is Universal’s Treasure

Today, Universal Music Group announced a long-term agreement with American Idol.  American Idol, the show whose latest season finale was the lowest-rated finale since the first season.  American Idol, the show whose producer, lead judge, and main driving force left to start another show.  American Idol, a show that picked up Jennifer Lopez as a … Continue reading

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Devil – ANOTHER M. Night Shayamalan movie

this time.. everyone is in an elevator.. and someone is attacking them.. maybe it’s the trees. oh wait, probably not.

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