Box Office Barometer 12-12-11: Calculating Actors’ Values


Movies like New Years Eve get made, because studios think “star = money, therefore more stars = more money.”  Thus, we get this concoction of 18 “stars” in a two hour movie.  Even just by looking at the movie poster, you can’t ascertain anything except “actors,” “New Years Eve,” and “smiles.”  Since the movie only … Continue reading

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If only Zac Efron spent more time sculpting his career instead of his body

Zac Efron is throwing his career down the tubes. When he opted out of Footloose, it was admirable to see him actively try to break free from his typecast. Instead, he’s taking the exact roles he would have taken anyway. This Friday, you can see Zac in Charlie St. Cloud. Or you could just stay … Continue reading

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