Best View of new Superman Costume yet!


Here’s a couple blurry images of the new suit from the Man of Steel. They were captured during filming in Plano, Illinois. We’ve now got confirmation that there are no red ‘undies’. It looks like Cavill has really bulked up for this one. What do you guys think of the new suit? Source

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“Modern” Superman Means “Spider-Man”


Warner Bros. officially released Superman’s plot details, and they align with what Vulture reported last October.  Before we get to that, first we must point out that writer David Goyer claims that Christopher Nolan figured out how to adapt Superman to the modern times.  That “modern” story is Clark Kent “trying to decide if he … Continue reading

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Trailers Aren’t Trash!


On Wednesday, IGN released the incredible trailer for the new zombie game, Dead Island.  The story is standard zombie fare: a family goes on vacation, the daughter turns into a zombie, and the daughter turns on the parents (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead).  However, the trailer is beautifully directed, with two … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm too old for Superman, but by which standards?


Jon Hamm recently told MTV that he believes he has been aged out of the title role in Zack Snyder’s new Superman film.  Vulture wrote a usually well-deserved article criticizing Hollywood for eschewing older actors for younger ones.  However, they may be wrong in this case. On December 22, /Film published some excerpts from a … Continue reading

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